Support the Ruffians

Challenge Coins

These two-sided multi-colored challenge coins are a great way to support the club and carry a little piece of awesome with you wherever you go! For a donation of $20, we’ll send you one of these beauties!

Support Stickers and Shirts

If you send a gift of $5.00 we will mail you a 3″ diameter “Support Your Local Ruffians M.C.” decal. For $25.00, you can have a black T-shirt with the same design on the back.

Support Patches

You can also get the support logo above as a 5″ diameter embroidered patch. Drop us a line if you’re interested in those as pricing has not been finalized.

Or make a cash contribution

You can choose to send us a donation for the scholarship or for our general operations.

Venmo donations can be sent to the following:
Founding Charter: @Ruffians-MC
Jubelum Charter: @Ruffians-Jubelum
Dago Charter: @Ruffians-Dago

If you would like to receive some Ruffians merch as described above, make sure you add a note with your donation and make sure you provide a mailing address!

All donations are tax deductible in the US per the IRS.