Bylaws of the Founding Charter

ARTICLE I – Organization

The organization shall be known as the Founding Charter of the Ruffians Motorcycle Club, henceforth known as the Charter, Charter, or Founding.  The Charter shall be incorporated as a non-profit in the state of California as “Ruffians MC” and shall be registered with the IRS as a not-for-profit entity known as “Ruffians MC”.

ARTICLE II – Objective

Charitable Activity

The Charter shall operate as a charitable organization, providing at least 1 scholarship per year to an eligible youth. To be eligible, a youth must be a member of Job’s Daughters, DeMolay or Rainbow Girls in good standing. Good standing shall be verified by the leader of the applicant’s specific organization. Applicants must intend to seek education beyond high school. Applicants must be intending to attend either college or a trade school or be in their first year at college or a trade school.

Each scholarship shall be in the amount of $500. The total number of scholarships shall be determined based upon the total amount of contributions during the preceding year. At least one (1) scholarship shall be presented each fiscal year.

Applicants shall enter by submitting an essay on a topic selected by the members each year. The essay shall be approximately 1,200 words and contain appropriate footnotes and bibliography citing references. When the topic is selected and posted, a deadline shall be posted simultaneously. Entries received after the posted deadline will not be eligible for consideration.

ARTICLE III – Membership


Application fee for membership is $100.00. Annual dues are $50.00 for Full Members. Prospects shall pay prorated dues, prorated quarterly, of $50.00, from date of vote to prospect status. Dues are based on the fiscal year starting Sept 1 thru Aug 31.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

Terms of Office

The terms of office for the officers of the Charter shall be until the elected official resigns their position, a valid challenge for office is made by a Patched member or a vote of no confidence is held based on gross negligence.

  • Exemption – The President can only be removed by a vote of no confidence or a resignation of his office. In either case the current Vice President will become the President.

ARTICLE V – Meetings and Runs


At a minimum, meetings shall be the first Saturday of every month. The time of the meetings shall be 0930 hours. The location of the meeting shall be determined by the Club at the end of the regularly scheduled meeting for the next month. No Club business shall be discussed on Social Media. The start time of a regular Club meeting may be adjusted by a vote of the Club no later than the prior regular meeting.

Moose Run

Moose run is the annual event planned and hosted by this charter.  All members shall strive to be available and attend this event.  Other charters will be invited and informed of the location six months in advance according to the Ruffians MC Constitution.

ARTICLE VI – Conduct and Discipline

(No Charter Specific Bylaws for this Article)

ARTICLE VII – Apparel and Regalia

(No Charter Specific Bylaws for this Article)


(No Charter Specific Bylaws for this Article)

ARTICLE IX – Combined Executive Committee

Combined Executive Committee

The Charter will participate in the Combined Executive Committee of all Ruffian Charters by the following officers (or their proxy) participating:

• Founding + 1 charter / Founding + 2 charters: President and Vice President 

• Founding + 3 or more charters: President

ARTICLE X – Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by the charter by a majority vote of the members.

Proposed Amendment Process

Proposed amendments to these bylaws may be made by any member of the charter in good standing.

Consideration of Amendments

Proposals for amendments to the bylaws will be considered at a regular monthly meeting or during a special meeting of the charter.  Proposed amendments may not violate the Constitution of the Ruffians Motorcycle Club.  In any conflict between the Constitution and these bylaws, the Constitution will govern.

Submission Requirements

Proposals should be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to a scheduled monthly meeting for consideration.   If all members cast a vote (not via proxy) and the vote is unanimous, an amendment may be accepted without a 30-day waiting period.

Bylaws Committee

The charter president may appoint a Bylaws Committee comprised of at least three patched members, empowered to periodically review the bylaws, propose amendments, and review proposals for amendments.

ARTICLE XI – Liability

This Charter of the Ruffians Motorcycle Club accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of any of its members or the actions of any other Charter or organization.

Article XII – Dissolution

Dissolution of the Charter

As the Founding Charter, should this charter be disbanded or cease to operate while other charters continue to operate, the final action of this Charter’s officers shall be to assign the title and responsibilities of “Founding Charter” listed in the Ruffians MC Constitution to a new “Lead Charter.”  In absence of this action, the Combined Executive Committee shall have the authority to assign the title, roles, and responsibilities of “Founding Charter” to a new “Lead Charter.”   The legal entity formerly the “Founding Charter” will then:

  • Remaining members shall apply for affiliation of membership to another charter.
  • The Charter will notify the appropriate local, state and federal entities with which they are incorporated that their operations have ceased.
  • The entity (former charter) will have no right, title, interest or claim in any assets of the Ruffians MC.
  • The entity (former charter) will transfer all funds held in cash, bank accounts, or digital repositories to the assigned “Founding Charter” for distribution amongst the remaining Charters. Turn over all financial records and statements to the assigned “Lead Charter”.  Once confirmed empty, close those accounts.
  • Relinquish any web addresses, email addresses, social media accounts, or other public presence to the assigned “Founding Charter”.
  • Relinquish any rights to a refund of fees or contributions by the members of the charter.
  • Turn over all Secretary Logs and/or minutes to the assigned “Founding Charter” for filing.

(Editor’s Note: These bylaws are to be followed in conjunction with the Constitution of the Ruffians Motorcycle Club)