Jubelum Charter giving back to the community.

On January 21st 2023, The our charter made a $3000.00 donation to the Texas Tech Health Science Center Pediatric Oncology in Lubbock Texas. Each year our charter chooses a charitable organization that is brought forth by a club brother.

We chose the Texas Tech Children’s Cancer Foundation because it hit close to our brother Fable Keith Bradley. His granddaughter Violet Bradley was diagnosed with AAL B cell leukemia in March of 2021. This is the most treatable form of childhood leukemia with a 90% full cure rate. Violet has responded very well to the treatment. Her blood work is much higher than expected for someone taking chemotherapy. Her prognosis is very good.

From Fable and his family “We want to thank everyone. We really appreciate the support and love. As you know Violet is very special to us. The donations, the long trip, and the strong support are humbling. Love each you brothers and your families.”

Birdie President Jubelum Charter of the Ruffians Motorcycle Club Masonic


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