Who we are…

The Ruffians are a traditional motorcycle club made up exclusively of Master Masons. We follow MC protocols, but also adhere to the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the Masonic Grand Lodges we work under. As a non-profit organization, we participate in charitable community service events, support our local masonic lodges and appendant bodies, and raise money for and distribute our own annual masonic youth scholarship.

We strive to promote Freemasonry in the motorcycle community, promote motorcycling among Freemasons, and change some of the misconceptions about both groups within the general public.

The Ruffians Motorcycle Club’s officers and members are from a wide number of lodges in different jurisdictions. and therefore the club does not act as a representative of any local lodges, affiliate bodies, Grand Lodges, or masonry in general.

What we do…

We Ride

We ride to lodge, to work, to school, near, far, in the mountains, in the canyons, along the coast, to go get food, drinks, or just for fun. The club rides as a large group monthly after our meetings and in smaller sub-groups as often as possible. The mother charter is in Southern California which affords us ample opportunity to ride year round.

We Support Charity

The club is involved in many masonic charities. We work with the Shriners and Scottish Rite, we participate in blue lodge work parties, go on toy rides, and even help run a Christmas tree stand for charity. In addition, our club sponsors an annual scholarship for members of masonic youth groups that are seniors in high school or in their first year of college or trade school . Details about the scholarship are posted on this site. The entries are accepted, reviewed, judged, and winners awarded each spring. To support the scholarship, the club participates in various fundraisers throughout the year as well as selling merchandise and collecting donations (all donations are tax-deductible).

We Support One Another

We are a two-fold brotherhood. Brothers first as masons, and then furthermore as Ruffians. You must be at least an Entered Apprentice (1st Degree) mason to prospect with the club and no member will be patched without being a Master Mason (3rd Degree). We consider the club as family and because of this, we do not accept all applicants. The prospect period is intended to make sure that you a good fit into our family.

Charters and Contacts

Ruffians MC at Moose Run 2020

Founding Charter

Los Angeles County and Orange County California
President: Kimo
Vice President: Two-Speed
Secretary: Doolittle
Treasurer: JR
founding@ruffiansmotorcycleclub.com or
(818) 660-5504
Venmo: @Ruffians-MC

Jubelum Charter

Dallas/Fort Worth Texas (w NB & MD Members)
President: Birdie
Vice President: Popeye
Secretary: Wrench
Treasurer: Skid
‪(469) 249-2266‬
Venmo: @Ruffians-Jubelum

Dago Charter

San Diego County California
President: Porthos
Vice President: Ledge
Secretary: Clean
Treasurer: Hollywood
Sergeant at Arms: Rooster
(619) 432-8756
Venmo: @Ruffians-Dago

Support the Ruffians

Challenge Coins

These two-sided multi-colored challenge coins are a great way to support the club and carry a little piece of awesome with you wherever you go! For a donation of $20, we’ll send you one of these beauties!

Support Stickers and Shirts

If you send a gift of $5.00 we will mail you a 3″ diameter “Support Your Local Ruffians M.C.” decal. For $25.00, you can have a black T-shirt with the same design on the back.

Support Patches

You can also get the support logo above as a 5″ diameter embroidered patch. Drop us a line if you’re interested in those as pricing has not been finalized.

Or make a cash contribution

You can choose to send us a donation for the scholarship or for our general operations.

Venmo donations can be sent to the following:
Founding Charter: @Ruffians-MC
Jubelum Charter: @Ruffians-Jubelum
Dago Charter: @Ruffians-Dago

If you would like to receive some Ruffians merch as described above, make sure you add a note with your donation and make sure you provide a mailing address!

All donations are tax deductible in the US per the IRS.